Must-try Makeup Products… EXTRAS!

So I’ve done my top 10 (Part 1:, Part 2:, and now here are some EXTRAS!

These are basically things that didn’t make it into the top 10 (mainly stuff that I don’t usually use but love on the rare occasions that I do).

I’m also trying to go cruelty free at the moment, and am slowly investing in cruelty free brands, such as NYX, RMK, Lush, etc. For the others, I’m trying to find alternatives. I’ll inform you when my entire makeup bag is completely cruelty free.

So anyway, here goes!


I don’t usually wear mascara, but when I do…

This is my favourite mascara. I don’t usually wear mascara (just because I’m very lazy and it takes ages to curl my lashes because they are soooo stubbornly straight), but when I do, this just feels… amazing.

It volumises the lashes beautifully, and also helps to hold the curl in them. It’s a fairly new product, and in fact the brand UZU came out last year (though it’s only a renewal of the brand Flow Fushi). I loved the Flow Fushi mascaras too, and I feel they have improved the old mascaras even more to rebrand as UZU.

The MOTE MASCARA comes in several different types, depending on the colour and the thickness. There’s also a VOL. 9 coming out in Spring 2020, so I’m looking forward to that.

I couldn’t find this particular mascara on Amazon UK, but I found the old type from Flow Fushi, so I’ll stick that in instead.

RMK Ingenious Liquid Eyeliner

I love the look of this thing!

Now, eyeliner. I hardly ever use this thing. And yet it looks so nice that I sometimes wear it just to enjoy myself, even if there is no special occasion.

This liquid eyeliner is, quite literally, a LIQUID eyeliner. It’s not even a pen. You dip the tip into the liquid and use it. It may seem tedious and difficult, but it actually isn’t, because you can adjust the amount of liquid you want on the tip. Just scrape it off on the edge of the bottle, or maybe even use a tissue, if you wish. It takes a tiny bit of getting used to (especially if you’re more familiar with pens and pencils), but seriously, it’s worth it.

The tip is so fine, and yet easy to handle. Maybe it’s because it’s attached to the lid and the lid itself is quite fat? Honestly, I’m definitely not good at doing intricate stuff, but it’s easy. AND it doesn’t smudge unless you’re in an absolute hurry and start blinking rapidly right after applying.

MAC Amplified Cream Lipstick in Craving

Another MAC lipstick, can’t get enough of them.

So yeah… I already confessed my love for the MAC Viva Glam Lipstick in my last post, but here’s a bolder lip. It’s described as “a burst of plum” by MAC, and I mean yeah, that’s exactly what it is.

I bought this in Harrods London last year, where a nice young lady picked out this colour for me when I said that I was looking for a bold lip, suitable for a party (it was right before my high school graduation party). She very kindly picked out this amazing shade for me, and I’ve loved it ever since.

The great thing about this experience is that I’d always heard about Japanese people getting an orange-tinted kind of colour when asking for lipstick recommendations in Europe. And I’m not necessarily saying that’s racist or anything, of course it makes sense that a yellow-tinted lipstick would suit person with slightly yellower skin (and by the way yes, I’m proud of my skin colour). All I’m trying to say is; it took me by surprise when I got what is a more blue-tinted colour. Not what I’d heard from other people!

So anyway, I just love this colour – unfortunately it’s too bold for my everyday style, but when I apply it, it just makes me feel so excited. And I’m looking for a cruelty free alternative for this – if anyone knows of a beautiful plum colour lip from a cruelty free brand, let me know!!/shade/Craving

Guerlain Météorites My Palette

Sorry, this is SO gross…but to be fair I used the face powder quite a lot.

This isn’t cruelty free and I’m desperately looking for an extremely glory cruelty free highlighter! If you know of one that is similar to this, please tell me.

I usually use the highlight in my NYX palette (introduced in PART 1) but when I want to go really glam, I use the highlighter in this palette. It’s more shimmery and silvery compared to the NYX one (which is slightly golden), and adds a beautiful and quite fancy glow to my skin.

Lush Vegan Lipstick in Beiteddine

Love the slightly antique-looking packaging.

This is my alternative of the MAC lipstick in Mehr. It’s not exactly the same colour, but it works in the same way. It’s a nude pink, slightly more dark and brownish compared to the Viva Glam II lipstick mentioned in PART 2.

I don’t use this as much as the Viva Glam, but I use this about once a week, when I want a bit more colour than the Viva Glam. It’s got a creamy texture and you can (almost) go without using a ton of lip balm underneath. It has a semi matte finish, which I absolutely love. It’s also plastic free (good for the environment!) and these are sold as these naked chunks of lipstick so that you can refill the tube (also made from non-plastic).

Lush Solid Perfume in Lust

The packaging is nice and simple.

I don’t like strong perfume, but I do love a subtle fragrance. So solid perfumes are the thing for me.

This scent, called Lust, is a floral scent, mainly made out of jasmine and rose. It’s a sweet scent, not too sugary, and it is both relaxing and “seductive”, as Lush puts it.

I’m thinking about getting some other solid perfumes from Lush, just because this one was so nice. I might try out the one called “Pansy”.

So, those are my extras!

Hope you enjoyed them. And please do send in suggestions of the cruelty free alternatives!!

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