My Favourite Photographs

Hi guys!

Today, I thought I’d show you some of my much-loved photographs…that I’ve taken myself! I’m just an amateur photographer who just likes to take a few snaps now and then, but I’ve got a few nice ones (at least, I think they’re nice) so please do take a look.

1. Penguins at Inokashira Zoo

Taken with my Nikon Coolpix A900, 2 years ago.

Penguins, I found, at quite easy to take photos of. The ones in a zoo, I mean. Or was it just the ones that I saw?

These penguins were the ones at Inokashira Zoo bear Kichijoji in Tokyo, Japan. The Inokashira Zoo is a nice, quote and medium-sized zoo which is placed in the park with the same name. If you want to visit a big zoo in Japan, I suggest the Ueno Zoo, which is probably the most famous zoo in Japan (mainly for it’s pandas).

Anyway, they tend to gaze in one direction and stop dead now and again, so you get a chance to take a few shots before they start moving again. They’re also ADORABLE and really fun to watch. I once heard that the reason humans find penguins so cute is because they walk like human toddlers… I don’t know how true that is, but whoever said that does have a point.

Inokashira Zoo Website in English

2. Squirrels at Inokashira Zoo

Taken with my Nikon Coolpix A900, 2 years ago

This was probably taken on the same day as the penguins, and at the same zoo. I said squirrels, but to be precise, there’s only one squirrel in the picture. However, there are a whole lot of squirrels at the Inokashira Zoo. They’re rounded up in a small room, and you can walk around there and watch the squirrels run about freely.

Unlike the penguins, the squirrels are really hard to take pictures of because they move so quickly. I was lucky enough to peep under a low bush and find a relaxed squirrel, happily eating a nut – the one in the photo.

3. Monkeys at Inokashira Zoo

Taken with my old iPhone 6s, 2 years ago

Old chap looks pretty bored/sleepy, doesn’t he?

The Inokashira Zoo has a big area rounded off for the monkeys (Japanese macaques), and there must have been at least 20 of them. They’re really funny and if you look at them for long enough, they seem to be almost human. I mean, in a way, they actually are “almost human”…

4. teamLab Borderless in Odaiba

Taken with my old iPhone 6s , a year ago

This place. Yes, the so-called “most photogenic place in Tokyo”. Well, at least it is for the teenagers of Japan. And apparently Brian May and Roger Taylor (from Queen) and Adam Lambert enjoyed this place when they were in Tokyo a few weeks ago.

If you’re a fan of glittery winter lights or flowery scenery, this is definitely the place for you. It’s been open for quite a while now, but it’s still as crowded as ever, especially on weekends.

teamLab Borderless Website

5. The Tokyo International Forum

Taken with my old iPhone 6s, over a year ago

So the Tokyo International Forum… I genuinely don’t know what that place is. I guess it’s a huge building with lots of different types of halls and big rooms. The architecture is just really cool and modern though, and I thought I’d visit the place, just to take photos.

It’s not far away from Tokyo Station, which is a relief really, because you don’t want to go traipsing around Tokyo to get to a place where there’s nothing else to do but to take photos, do you? Unless you’re a dedicated photographer…

6. The Moon

Taken with my Nikon Coolpix A900, over a year ago

Now, this photo. I don’t necessarily think it’s the best I’ve ever taken, but I’m just really proud of it because I managed to capture this without using a huge, long, and expensive lens attached to a really good camera. So I’ll just leave it here.

By the way, the Nikon Coolpix A900 was my go-to camera before I bought my iPhone 11. This was mainly because the zoom on the iPhone 6s was so rubbish and went all blurry.


Taken with my iPhone 11, last December

Shinjuku, the most busiest place in Tokyo. Think huge skyscrapers and busy traffic, maybe not as sophisticated as New York but just as energetic. (And tiring.)

This photo was a random snap I took when I was looking down from a footbridge that has been built over the Koshu Road. I like it because I feel like it’s just shows what Shinjuku looks like in it’s normal, everyday form.


Do you like photography? What kind of photos do you like to take? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “My Favourite Photographs”

  1. Your photos are very good. I especially like the picture of the moon. It’s amazing! I take a lot of beach and coastal pictures as well as other wildlife photos whenever I have a chance. I really like architecture too, but I haven’t taken too many of those kinds of photos yet. Great idea for a post. Thank you for sharing.


  2. I absolutely adore squirrels so that is my standout favourite – in fact, it’s the one that made me click on your blog post, so top choice! And the moon picture is also lovely, you’ve really captured a beautiful image here. Thank you for sharing, I look forward to seeing more of your photos in due course 🙂


  3. I always love looking at people’s photography. Particularly love the penguins and the moon! Very talented. I wish I was better at taking photos – perhaps I need to take it up as a hobby!

    Coralle x


  4. I love your pictures! These are cute shots, especially with the animals being in their own setting. The teamLab Borderless picture looks great!! Thanks for sharing all of your favorite pictures. You did a great job with all fo your shots! I love taking pictures of flowers, hehe.

    Nancy ♥


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